C++ Global/Static Constructors Not Being Called

Kirspel, Kevin {Engineering - Osmetech} kevin.kirspel at osmetech.com
Mon Oct 6 19:51:57 UTC 2003

I have built RTEMS( rtems-4.6.0pre4 )for an SH7727 ( SH3 Processor )
EVAL board.  This port is similar to the SH4 ( gensh4 bsp ) port already
found in the rtems tree. I only modified the bsp to work on the 7727.
The build has been successful execpt for global constructors being
called.  I have run the sample tests ( mainly hello.exe and cdtest.exe )
and the run fine with the exception of the global constructors not being
called.  I have found some references in the past to this problem but
nothing in those discussions has worked for me.  The last post related
to this issue said to add the crtxxx.o into the bsp_specs file.  When I
added these lines to the bsp_specs file the program compiled fine but
crashes when run.  Does anyone know what might be wrong? Which parts of
RTEMS, GCC should I look at to determine what is going on?

Kevin Kirspel
Electronics Engineer
235 Hembree Park Drive
Roswell, GA 30076

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