Timeslicing question

Kamen Penev kamen at penev.net
Fri Oct 3 00:34:59 UTC 2003

Kenneth Peters wrote:

> Ugh. Thanks for the quick reply. This is ugly, though, if I have to go 
> through and retrofit my task functions to the POSIX API. 

It is not that much work really. Follow the example that I gave at the 
end of the second thread. You don't have to change all your tasks to 
POSIX. Only the ones that need SCHED_RR. And you can still use classic 
semaphores, message queues etc. inside them.

> Joel indicated maybe the pthread_setschedparam() function could be 
> called on a Classic API task to tweak the budget_algorithm parameter. 
> If that value is really the only thing I need to change, that would be 
> a better way for me. Has anyone tried that? 

It didn't work for me back then, as reported in:

The bug may have been fixed, I don't know. Try pthread_setschedparam and 
see what happens.


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