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Wed Oct 8 11:54:57 UTC 2003

Hi Stan,

To my mind, it's depend on your need. But the 
timer IT should be the upper that the board can.
For example, if the more important thing for your
board is Datation, timer IT should be better that
Uart, but if your board primary goal is Uart 
communication, you should put Uart IT better than
the Timer IT.

In fact the timer as I can say with what I see, it's 
usefull datation or time sharing or delay but the
preemptivity of the kernel don't depend of it so
your usage should answer your question.

Hope that's help.


--- Stan <zylog at> wrote:
> hi,
> I need to intercept four external interrupts (two
> ethernet controler, power
> fail and modem dcd).
> Rtems use Timer1, Timer2, Mbus, Uart1 and Uart2
> internal interrupts.
> What should be timer1 level (timer1 call
> rtems_clock_tick directive) ?
> Is Timer1 ISR level important ?
> It should be greater or lower other interrupts level
> ?
> Thanks a lot.
> Stan.

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