RTEMS: A beginner...

Till Straumann strauman at slac.stanford.edu
Tue Oct 21 14:07:16 UTC 2003

Alex wrote:

>Hi all,
>My name is Nuno Costa, I am a computer science student, from Portugal, in the Msc degree.
>I would like to make a research for my Msc using the RTEMS kernel...
>This will be my first 'contact' with RTEMS.
>I would like to receive some help from people who knows RTEMS if it is possible...
>I would like to start from the beginning... any advices?
>My target platform is intel 86...
>My first doubt is: is it possible to install RTEMS kernell with a shell?
As a hard-real time kernel, RTEMS needs complete control over your 
machine including
interrupts, MMU etc, hence it is not possible to start RTEMS from a 
linux shell like bash or tcsh.

Usually, an ELF capable bootloader is used to start RTEMS on a x86 PC. I 
have used GRUB
to comfortably boot RTEMS.

If you happen to have a PC with an eepro100 ethernet card, I could 
provide a precompiled
binary of a generic RTEMS system...

-- Till

>Many thanks
>Nuno Costa

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