RTEMS: A beginner...

Camilo Alejandro Arboleda CamiloAlejo at netscape.net
Tue Oct 21 15:26:48 UTC 2003

You can get used to the api and the tool chain using POSIX BSP
This BSP allows you to run RTEMS on top of any POSIX compatible OS, 
inculding linux and windows with cygwin.

If you plan to hack the kernel of create your own drivers, bosch is a 
good idea

eric.valette at free.fr wrote:

> Till Straumann wrote:
>> Alex wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> My name is Nuno Costa, I am a computer science student, from 
>>> Portugal, in the Msc degree.
>>> I would like to make a research for my Msc using the RTEMS kernel...
>>> This will be my first 'contact' with RTEMS.
>>> I would like to receive some help from people who knows RTEMS if it 
>>> is possible...
>>> I would like to start from the beginning... any advices?
>>> My target platform is intel 86...
>>> My first doubt is: is it possible to install RTEMS kernell with a 
>>> shell?
>> As a hard-real time kernel, RTEMS needs complete control over your 
>> machine including
>> interrupts, MMU etc, hence it is not possible to start RTEMS from a 
>> linux shell like bash or tcsh.
>> Usually, an ELF capable bootloader is used to start RTEMS on a x86 
>> PC. I have used GRUB
>> to comfortably boot RTEMS.
>> If you happen to have a PC with an eepro100 ethernet card, I could 
>> provide a precompiled
>> binary of a generic RTEMS system...
> Note that starting RTEMS via bosch emulator is very handy and avoid 
> the need to reboot... I do demo like this of RTEMS on my laptop 
> including chnage in the code recompilation and restart...

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