USB host supprot?

Yanjun Luo vxworks at
Tue Oct 28 03:24:59 UTC 2003

> You will need to support the storage class on top of the generic host
> controller support. The USB host device is specified in the standard so
> existing driver should be sort of portable.
> The host support is rather complex as it needs to handle things like
> bandwidth allocation, and interrupt endponts etc, so I suggest you take
> a look at the various BSD unix versions around to see what they offer. I
> would check the stability of the code first by testing it on the
> specific OS.

Actually I'm study Linux's implementation now, and I found it's really
complex :-(

Because I'm only want to support USB disk and doesn't include some features
like usb hub support. I'll check if I can simply it and only support mass
storage device.

Yanjun Luo

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