longcall probelm (RE: was MVME2304 Exception 3 )

Feng, Shuchen feng at bnl.gov
Wed Sep 17 17:46:19 UTC 2003

Hi all,

I could not use the -mlongcall  flag to compile my application.  
I do not know if   I need to rebuild my toolchains with a specific option
or the rs6000.c file needs to be patched.  I am heading both directions
with no conclusion.  Hopefully, someone can shed some light for

 I believe the -mlongcall flag will solve the error message I ran to
with the MVME2304-0141 board.  Probably Till does not need to rebuild the
GeSys binary.  Without rebuilding the vxWorks image, we  used the -mlongcall
option for the EPICS base and  application on the same board and it works.

The error I got while loading the object code is :

 "Relocation of type 'R_PPC_REL24' failed: The relocation was performed,
 but there was an overflow (check compiler flags!)"

On August 18, Paul Jines wrote :

> We are trying to run RTEMS on a MVME2304-0143 and are experiencing
Exception 3 errors.
> The exception 3's occur most of the time, but maybe 10% of the time do NOT
occur and run the
> GeSys application. It has never succeeded in running the epics
Te MVME2304-0141 board  is the same as Paul's  MVME2304-0143 with 128 MB.  
Based on my experience with the MVME2306 board, the exception 3 could be
caused by
the improper setup of  the hardware or VME crate as well.  


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