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Jay Monkman jtm-list-rtems at
Thu Sep 18 02:44:03 UTC 2003

Does the 'http' program in network-demos compile? I can't get it to
work for ARM.

From system.h, complains about tmacros.h not being found and
TEST_EXTERN being undefined. If I remove both of them, it gets

I also had to add an '#include <bsp.h>' in the beginning of init.c,
and put a prototype in for Init before #include-ing confdefs.h.

Once I fix all that stuff, it compiles, but fails linking.

Here's the output from the linker:
    arm-rtems-objcopy -I binary -O elf32-littlearm tarfile o-debug/tarfile.o
    arm-rtems-objcopy: Warning: Output file cannot represent architecture UNKNOWN!
    arm-rtems-ld -r -o o-debug/temp.o  o-debug/init.o o-debug/tarfile.o
    arm-rtems-ld: ERROR: o-debug/tarfile.o uses hardware FP, whereas o-debug/temp.o uses software FP

It's claiming the output of objcopy uses hardware floating point!
The only symbols in tarfile.o are:
    00002800 D _binary_tarfile_end
    00002800 A _binary_tarfile_size
    00000000 D _binary_tarfile_start

Any suggestions?

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