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Cedric Aubert cedric_aubert at
Tue Sep 2 15:03:58 UTC 2003


I don't really understand your problem but
0x9421ffe0 should be the content of the
address memory block (the 0x34330).
Look at the addr 0x34330 you should
see the 0x9421ffe0.

To my mind lwz r11,17200(r11) should load in R11
the content of (0x17200 + r11).

The asm code do correctly what you said.

Hope that help


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> Subject: Incorrect address after link
> Hello,
> 	I finally have my new tool suit running and can
debug the 
> BSP via bdm on my 
> MPC860 board.
> 	The problem occurs when the printk function tries
to call 
> my BSP_output_char 
> via vprintk.
> 	Below is the assembler of the call:
>     0x17a14 <vprintk+1056>:	lis	r11,3	              
> R11=0x30000
>     0x17a18 <vprintk+1060>:	lwz	r9,8(r31)
>     0x17a1c <vprintk+1064>:	lbz	r0,0(r9)
>     0x17a20 <vprintk+1068>:	clrlwi	r0,r0,24
>     0x17a24 <vprintk+1072>:	lwz	r11,17200(r11)      

> R11=0x9421ffe0 ?????
>     0x17a28 <vprintk+1076>:	mtctr	r11
>     0x17a2c <vprintk+1080>:	mr	r3,r0
>     0x17a30 <vprintk+1084>:	bctrl
> 	When I follow the execution, I see that R11 in the
line at 
> 0x17a24 is 
> calculated as 0x9421ffe0, while the function resides
at 0x34330 
> according to 
> the map of linker. And 0x30000+17200=0x34330 - the
correct address!!!
> 	It seems to be some problem of linker (call
> but I am not 
> experienced enough to guess.
> Any help will be very highly appreciated...
> -- 
> leonp at plris dot com

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