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I have two another questions, probably trivial questions but I am new at 
this things:
-why is the dimension of the executable code far bigger then the text 
dimension given by sparc-rtems-size? It's also bigger then the code+data 
dimension given by sparc-rtems-size. What's the meaning of the 
executable dimension?
-why are the sectons .text .data and .bss evaluated using 
sparc-rtems-size on the object far smaller then the .text .data and .bss 
evaluated using sparc-rtems-size on the executable? I think  this is due 
to the linking of my object with the rtems libraries to produce the 
executable. What are the rtems libraries that are linked with my code?

Thank you very much

Fabio Degiovanni
Joel Sherrill wrote:

> Fabio Degiovanni - Eicas wrote:
>> What are the exact meaning of the field "text" "data" and "bss" given 
>> by the sparc-rtems-size utility?
> I was surprised that this wasn't in the binutils size man page. :(
> .text is where the executable code goes.  Sometimes it may also
> hold read only data.  .text should be able to be placed in ROM
> or Flash.
> .data is initialized global/static variables.
> .bss is uninitialized global/static variables.
> On top of that, you have dynamic heap and RTEMS work space usage
> which cannot be determined by size.
>> Thank you very much
>> Fabio Degiovanni

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