BSP for MIPS32 4KC

gregory.menke at gregory.menke at
Wed Sep 10 19:09:03 UTC 2003

mikeci at writes:
 > Hi!
 > Here are the CPU_FLAGS which work for me:
 > CPU_CFLAGS = -O0 -G0 -EL -msoft-float -mips32 -Wl,-r,-EL
 > MIPS32 is 32 bit arhitecture, so all registers are 32 bit. So code looks
 > something like this (example):
 > }
 > This way you can generaly support MIPS32, and in the same time support
 > other MIPS arhitectures.
 > I agree that we can discuss this concept in more details, and that it is
 > not possible to support each and every MIPS CPU.

OK, it seems we have some problems communicating.  I know you have a
working BSP, but we can't just commit changes without understanding
the implications.  I think we really must identify what MIPS32 means,
so please answer the following questions;

- What revision is your processor, R3000 or R4000?

- What is the Register width?  (this is 32, from above)

- Why will __mips == 3 not work?

- Do you need CP1 support or not?  Your patch simply deletes the
  mathco support, which isn't appropriate for commiting into RTEMS
  because other MIPS bsp's use it.  To resolve this, I think we'll
  need to do bsp #includes in the cpukit code, or test for
  -msoft-float, which shouldn't be all that horrible, but we have to
  know what we're doing.



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