Line Discipline or Termios lacks ?

Sergei Organov osv at
Thu Sep 18 17:21:22 UTC 2003

Brett Swimley <brett.swimley at> writes:
> Joel Sherrill wrote:
> > Also I have searched a bit and not managaed to find a standard
> > way of doing this function.  If there is a way on *BSD or Linux
> > to do this, it would be nice to use those names for the IOCTLS
> > and possibly add them to the standard list.
> I researched this a ways back and think I discarded my notes. I just did a
> quick search and found that Linux accomplishes this through the TIOCMGET and
> TIOCMSET ioctls. IIRC, this is what I found way back when. Don't know if *BSD
> has similar functionality.

I believe it does. Solaris does as well. In addition, there are often
forgotten TIOCSBRK/TIOCCBRK ioctls to manage TxD line (very handy when one
needs to emulate synchronous protocol with UART;) ).


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