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Cedric Aubert cedric_aubert at yahoo.fr
Tue Sep 30 08:12:12 UTC 2003

> I don't fully understand what you are trying to do,
> but there are two
> basic issues:

In fact, I try to integrate a Rtems Makefile
environnement in Sniff IDE who get a automatic
Makefile generation. To be more usable sniff
integrate some external makefile to be platform
specific, and I try to make my own PLATFORM.mk
witch sould be RTEMS_BSP_DEPENDENT.mk
I have tried to include Makefile.inc and leaf.cfg
but many variables between Sniff+ Makefile and Rtems
are overwritten by eachother (specialy Implicit make

So I want to understand how work the rtems makefile to
make my own platform.mk

> 1. Building a package for RTEMS
> Here you should have a look into the package's
> building instructions.
> You'll  have to find the details on how to build it.
> This basically
> should reduce to finding out how and what to pass
> CFLAGS, CC etc. to the
> package's configuration/Makefile.
> What to do exactly highly depends on the details of
> the package.
> It basically should be something similar to
> 1. build and install your BSP
> 2. set up a package's CC and CFLAGS to pick up the
> BSP.
> It could be something similar to
> CC="<target>-rtems-gcc
> -B/opt/rtems/<target>-rtems/lib/<BSP>/bsp_specs/"\
>  CFLAGS="<some cpu flags>" ./configure

That what I do look at my RTEMS_CPU2000.mk give in
the attachement. But my problem is to link now.
But I don't really understand own the paramters 
variables of the link in {make-exe} was set.
> I don't know Sniff+'s configuration and hardly can't
> say more about it.
> 2. Using a package with RTEMS.
> This should reduce to extending your application
> building infrastructure
> (Makefiles etc) to pick up the package. Here you
> have any freedom to do
> what ever you like to.
> Ralf

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