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James Yates j.yates at
Tue Apr 6 10:47:48 UTC 2004

I know have rtems building correctly, with networking, having followed the cs8900 instructions kindly provided by Chris. However, when I try and link against this using the netdemo contributed app, I get a whole host of warnings from the cs8900.c file located in libchip/network. It is warning that it can't find functions such as cs8900_io_get_reg which are located in the BSP side of the cs8900 driver located in the bsp network subdir. I can't work out how I can get the network driver to pick up these files from the BSP. Can anyone help.

	I am really stuck again. Many thanks in advance.

			James Yates

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To: James Yates
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James Yates wrote:
> sh-rtems-gcc --pipe -B/opt/rtems/builds/fu0018_net/sh-rtems/fu0018/lib/ -specs bsp_specs -qrtems  -qrtems_debug -g -Wall   -O1 -g -Wno-unused -qrtems_debug -v -qrtems_debug     -m2
>  -D__INSIDE_RTEMS_BSD_TCPIP_STACK__     -c   -o o-debug/test.o test.c
I do think this should be defined. This is normally only defined for the 
networking code itself.

Can you try without it ?


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