Sysctl problems

Chris Johns chrisj at
Fri Apr 23 01:49:44 UTC 2004

James Yates wrote:
> I am in the process of bringing up a network app with my BSP. During a
> call to rtems_bsdnet_initialize, a call is made to 
> sysctl_register_all. This in turn registers a oid to the head of the
> list. Sysctl_register_all then calls sysctl_register_oid for 
> the next in the list. On entry this assigns a pointer to the parent
> which is 0xffffffff. This then immediately bombs. Has anyone
> come across this problem before. I am sure that there is some
> configuration problem with what I have done but I am really
> stuck as to how to fix this.
>     Any help would be gratefully received.

Check your linker command file is handling the sysctl sections correctly.

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