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Tue Aug 10 13:43:10 UTC 2004

Pablo Casado wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to connect to the serial port on my linux pc from within one
> of the simulators, for example the sparc erc32?
> I am writing an xmodem module that will be used by my application but I
> don't have the board yet so I would like to test it on a simulator.

 From the README.erc32 in gdb-5.3/sim/erc32

The UARTs are connected to two pseudo-devices, /dev/ttypc and /dev/ttypd.
The following registers are implemeted:

- UART A RX and TX register     (0x01f800e0)
- UART B RX and TX register     (0x01f800e4)
- UART status register          (0x01f800e8)

To speed up simulation, the UARTs operate at approximately 115200 baud.
The UARTs generate interrupt 4 and 5 after each received or transmitted
character.  The error interrupt is generated if overflow occurs - other
errors cannot occure.

That gets the data out of the debugging.  Hopefully some
wizard here can tell us how to get it from the pseudo device
to the real hardware.  I recal a utility for doing that but
can't find it right now on google.

> cheers
> Pablo.

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