gdb with Riscwatch (PPC JTAG debugger)?

Smith, Gene gene.smith at
Mon Aug 30 16:10:18 UTC 2004

Chris Caudle wrote, On 8/26/2004 6:06 PM:

> Is anyone using gdb with IBM's Riscwatch JTAG debugger?
> I've been searching for info, and so far I haven't found much, but one of
> the references was to a message from July 1999 to the mail list.  The 1999
> archives seem to be broken, only messages from 2000 and later are
> available.
> I know someone was asking about a PPC405GP port recently, so I thought
> there may be some using gdb with Riscwatch in stealth mode.
> -- Chris Caudle

Well I am probably the one who asked about the ppc405gp port. Still
don't have a good concept on this but ran across a board today that
mentioned riscwatch and debugging.

It links to a device that helps somehow with the debugging:

But not sure what this all is and how it works together and with gdb and
rtems and with my one-of-a-kind ppc405gpr board.


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