Newbie needs information

Everett X. Wang everteq at
Sat Feb 28 20:57:35 UTC 2004

Hi All,

I just subscribed this mailing list today. I am working on a mobile robot
project and want to select a realtime OS for it. I have looked Linux + RTAI
and want to compare it with RTEMS. My hardware is a Pentium 3 900Mhz with
compactflash as main storage. I also have an IO card with A2D, D2A, digital
IO and quadrature inputs. Both CPU and IO card are in PC104 format. My
control software is fairly CPU intensive and written in C++ and FORTRAN
(~20,000 lines). Here is my questions:

1) Is RTEMS doable for this application? Is the OS simpler than Linux +

2) I have some portion of code in FORTRAN, Do I have to re-write in C++?

3) How difficult to develop a driver for my IO card? I did some simple thing
under linux using C. It is mainly read and write a special registrer
location for a2d and d2a etc. It works fine.
Here is the link to the IO card:

Thanks for helping.


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