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I am also using MicroMonitor on a 5272 (custom board).  It doesn't take much effort to port it, because so many of the peripherals are built into the 5272 and don't change from board to board.  I did have to adapt a flash driver to the chip we are using (also not difficult).  I sent that driver to Mr. Sutter.

I haven't yet made calls to the MicroMonitor API from my RTEMS program (though I have from a program that doesn't include RTEMS).  What is the best place to call mon_connect from?  Is there a way to pass command line arguments from uMon into RTEMS?  Should bsp_cleanup call mon_appexit?  Thanks for any suggestions.  I hope to add conditional code to the 5272 BSP I am using (from Brett Swimley at Advanced Electronic Designs) that will make it interface cleanly with uMon (I plan to use at least the flash file system, TFS).


At 12:53 PM 2/2/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>However, just so you know, I have a port to a SunDevil card which is
>based on a 5272 (contributed by Bill Knight), so it's probably not
>a big deal to transition that over to your card.  I don't have
>this target myself, but I have no reason to think it doesn't
>work fine.
>"D. Peter Siddons" wrote:
>> Hi Ed,
>>       Thanks for your response, also thanks to Leon Pollack for pointing
>> me towards MicrMonitor.
>> The target for my app is the Arcturus uCdimm-5272, which comes with its
>> own rather limited monitor. I had shied away from replacing this with
>> anything else. If nothing else there would be a learning curve plus the
>> odd unbootable card :). It's somehow attractive to just take the
>> commercial part as-delivered, program in the app and off you go. The
>> ideal scenario would then be to have my files tacked on to the bootable
>> RTEMS image and arrange so the app can read them (no writing or deleting
>> needed). I wonder if one could use the IMFS for this? The task would
>> then reduce to pre-formatting the info in the image to look like an IMFS
>> filesystem, wouldn't it? Or am I misunderstanding something?
>> Pete.
>> Ed Sutter wrote:
>> > Pete,
>> > I run RTEMS with MicroMonitor underneath.  Provides an immediate
>> > flash file system (read/write) for RTEMS-based applications.
>> > If you're able to shift to MicroMonitor as your bootloader,
>> > let me know and I'll be glad to give you details.
>> > Ed Sutter
>> >
>> > "D. Peter Siddons" wrote:
>> >
>> >>Hi all,
>> >>    I have an RTEMS application which resides in flash memory, and
>> >>expects to read a configuration file at startup. It currently does this
>> >>via tftp from a networked server, which works fine. I'd really like to
>> >>make this thing stand-alone, so ideally it would read this information
>> >>from some kind of local filesystem. There is enough capacity in the
>> >>on-board flash memory if I could set up a filesystem in there; even more
>> >>so if it could be compressed. It need only be read-only. Has anyone else
>> >>done something similar? I've seen all the postings re compact flash, but
>> >>I don't think that is at all the same.
>> >>Thanks,
>> >>Pete.
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