some newbie questions

sebastian ssmoller sebastian.ssmoller at
Mon Feb 16 19:21:49 UTC 2004

the hints u gave me so far helped me a lot. the last two days i read
some more docs about rtems and managed to build the hello world sample
for pc386 and boot it via grub :)

then i build the hello world for gen68360 and tried to start it on an ip
460 developer board (68040 + 68360). unfortunately i wasnt able to load
the file (s-record file) over the serial line :(

usually i would connect to the board (ip460mon) via terminal prog, use
the "lo" command to download the s19 file and run "ca" to start the
prog. when i try "lo" with the hello world app nothing happens. i mean:
i send the file and when finished the board usually answers "what ?" but
it doesnt. i waited some minutes (10 min for 260k over 34800).

the only thing i found out so far is that usually the srec file has s1
records (generated with introl code compiler) but the rtems objcopy
output has s2 records. i dont know whether it does matter (?)

i would expect that even if the output format is not correct the
download should just finish and possibly the "ca" would fail (?)

does anyone have any ideas ?

thx again 

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