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Joel Sherrill joel at
Mon Feb 16 20:15:44 UTC 2004

sebastian ssmoller wrote:
> On Mon, 16 Feb 2004 14:33:35 -0500
> Ed Sutter <els at> wrote:
>>I don't know too much about the ip450mon and the "lo" command;
>>if it just dies, then it sounds like the srecord may be pointing to 
>>space that is used by the monitor itself, and the download is
>>RAM that is owned/used by the monitor in runtime.
>>Is it possible that you have a conflict between the monitor and app
>>memory maps?
> this could be possible. unfortunately i am still a beginner just
> learning all that stuff about embedded programming and how the
> compiler/linker works under the hood :)
> what i know so far is that when we built our project/app with introl
> code it generated the s19 in that way that the start address (used by
> the "ca" command) was mapped to 700. i read in the docs that the memory
> below 700 is used for internals (register memory maps, ...).
> so in our linker command file we have something like this:
> group ROM rom itemalign 2 origin 0x0700 maxsize 0x10000-0x0700;
> i looked into the linkcmd files of the gen68360 bsp but havnt found
> something like that. do i have to integrate this info into the "build
> process" or does rtems already do it (implicitly by choosing the
> correct bsp) ? how would i do that ?

The linkcmds for the gen68360 BSP will have to be modified to
know about this.  It is logically the same thing as with the introl
tools but the syntax is different.  You have to make sure your
executable code and variable data ends up at certain  address locations.

> thx
> regards,
> seb
>>sebastian ssmoller wrote:
>>>the hints u gave me so far helped me a lot. the last two days i read
>>>some more docs about rtems and managed to build the hello world
>>>for pc386 and boot it via grub :)
>>>then i build the hello world for gen68360 and tried to start it on
>>>an ip
>>>460 developer board (68040 + 68360). unfortunately i wasnt able to
>>>the file (s-record file) over the serial line :(
>>>usually i would connect to the board (ip460mon) via terminal prog,
>>>the "lo" command to download the s19 file and run "ca" to start the
>>>prog. when i try "lo" with the hello world app nothing happens. i
>>>i send the file and when finished the board usually answers "what ?"
>>>it doesnt. i waited some minutes (10 min for 260k over 34800).
>>>the only thing i found out so far is that usually the srec file has
>>>records (generated with introl code compiler) but the rtems objcopy
>>>output has s2 records. i dont know whether it does matter (?)
>>>i would expect that even if the output format is not correct the
>>>download should just finish and possibly the "ca" would fail (?)
>>>does anyone have any ideas ?
>>>thx again

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