how to create gdb simulator for a new board

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Tue Feb 17 11:51:56 UTC 2004

durai wrote:

> I want to debug/run the rtems sample applications without the real hardware
>My CPU is mips R3000 core. How to create a mips-rtems-gdb for my board?
>How to add new  peripherals such as timer, console in to the gdb simulator?
>please let me know from where should i start.
Do you want an accurate simulator for your board and all peripherals or 
just something
good enough to run basic applications? 

The jmr3904 BSP already exists and matches a simulator configuration in 
gdb for an
eval board for the Toshiba TX3904.  It is an R3000 with a clock and console.

>thanks & regards



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