some newbie questions

Ed Sutter els at
Wed Feb 18 17:14:30 UTC 2004

Try starting with something simpler.
Here's a few suggestions...

In your application add a function and a variable..

long unique_variable;


Then load your application and instead of calling the entrypoint,
parse your symbol table and call this function's address.  If this
hangs, you have a more fundamental problem, if it doesn't hang
the do some more investigation...
If the "call" command that you have shows the return value of the
function you called, then you should notice it incrementing.
If the "call" command doesn't support that, then call the function
and then display the variable using some other monitor command.

Another thing to try would be to disassemble the the address of 
the application entrypoint and see if it makes sense.

The point here is to test some of the stuff outside of RTEMS.
Make sure your "call" command is working the way you think, etc...
For example, maybe "call" gets confused if your address is not prefixed
with "0x".  Or, maybe it gets confused if yoru address IS prefixed
with "0x".
Get the idea? These things will just give you a confidence level
(maybe good maybe not so good) in what you're doing.


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