some newbie questions

sebastian ssmoller sebastian.ssmoller at
Thu Feb 19 19:00:04 UTC 2004



> The output char routine in this case is the dumbest simplest way you
> can force a character out any device to look at it.  You may be able
> to use the ROM monitor and trap to an output routine.  You should be
> able to assume that the "console serial port" is initialized since
> you interact with it to load an executable.  So you can probably
> just poll a single byte out using the same physical device with
> something like this rough logic:
>    while (!TX_empty);
>    put byte
> Look at the mips/jmr3904 for a simple example.  It just calls
> the polled output a character routine and hopes the port is
> initialized.
> Since you have a ROM monitor, it should be.

thx for that info. for the current problem i used the approach with
incrementing a variable. but for more debugging this will be really
it seems that this funktion (hook) is not implemented for all bsp (?) is
there a reason ?


> Do you have LEDs?  With 4 LEDs you could count to sixteen.

unfortunately i only have one LED :) ...



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