network driver question (broadcast)

Feng, Shuchen feng at
Mon Feb 23 19:39:44 UTC 2004

>> Shuchen feng wrote :
>> I tested the driver of the
>> mvme2307, and it seems that the rxDaemon did not see
>> broadcast packets at all.  Perhaps, it is handled
>> in cpukit/libnetworking/net ?

This is embarrassing.......
I apologize for my mistake.  I copied the netdemo debug file
for the mvme2307 into a wrong bootp machine to monitor
the broadcast traffic.  However, the board was booted
from the older version of the netdemo test file, which
does not have the debugging statement to show the broadcast

Gregory Menke wrote :

> The rx & tx daemons don't know anything about broadcast packets or
> not.  

This is really what I thought originally.  Actually, the rxq
works fine except I did not expect such a high count of
broadcast traffic.  Also, there were rumors about various
problems on that chip, which complcated my confusion.


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