Till Straumann strauman at
Wed Feb 25 17:27:04 UTC 2004

Richard M. Barry wrote:

>Am I right in assuming the following:
>To use a syslog in an RTEMS application, I have to import syslog.h, implement the syslog() call myself and then have some syslog daemon that writes the data to a file (assuming I want the log to be in a file)?
If you want it write it to a file local to the RTEMS machine, yes.

You can do remote logging (to UDP port 514 of a host computer) out of 
the box.
It is necessary to call 'openlog' prior to any 'syslog' activity.
Look at the implementation in


-- Till


On the host, use the '-r' option to syslogd for it to accept remote 


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