m68040 FPSP question

Till Straumann strauman at slac.stanford.edu
Wed Feb 25 17:32:28 UTC 2004

Eric Norum wrote:

> Till Straumann wrote:
>> Hi.
>> Again some nameclashes:
>> FPSP exports a bunch of name-clash prone symbols,
>> two of which actually clash with libm symbols:
>>  'round' and 'sinf'
>> The latter returns 'signed infinity' (FPSP)
>> or a single precision sin()  (libm) !
>> What to do?
> Glom all the FPSP assembly source into a single file and get rid of 
> the .globl pseudo-ops for all but the installation routine?
I'm lazy, so I just added

    mv $(PGM) $(PGM).tmp
    $(OBJCOPY) -G M68KFPSPInstallExceptionHandlers $(PGM).tmp $(PGM)
    $(RM) $(PGM).tmp

to the Makefile :-). I just wanted to confirm that FPSP is only entered 
by 'trap'.



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