Help: Some rtems basic questions... sorry...

Angelo Fraietta afraiett at
Thu Jan 15 21:44:02 UTC 2004

Steven Johnson wrote:

> Alex wrote:
> > Am trying the BSP for i686
> Others might be able to tell you about RTEMS on x86, i've never used 
> it there.

I have been using RTEMS on a 40 MHz 386sx with no co-processor (using 
soft floating point). I run my application on three different OSs -- 
RTEMS, Windows, and Mac OSX, using hooks to the underlying OS to manage 
threads, I/O, and other platform dependent stuff.

My application runs faster with RTEMS on the 40 Mhz 386 than it does on 
a 1.13 GHz Athlon (256 MB Ram) running Win2k. I have this documented in 
a research paper.  The performance I get from RTEMS is exceptional, and 
the support from this forum is magnificent.

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> > Many thanks
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> > Alex
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> Steven

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