RTEMS 4.6 and tools

Joel Sherrill joel at OARcorp.com
Mon Jan 19 14:42:07 UTC 2004

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> On Mon, 2004-01-19 at 08:56, Steven Johnson wrote:

>>Is it possible, before release to have the tools rebuilt for arm
> No, no changes possible at this point in time. Though it has not been
> formally announced, at least I consider everything for 4.6.0 to be
> frozen.

4.6.0 is frozen feature-wise.  It is possible that a tool update
may occur with 4.6.1 but right now, gcc 3.3.x will not be officially
released for 4.6.0 since it generates so many more warnings.

gcc 3.3 or 3.4 will be the 4.7 toolset.

So if there is a gcc 3.2.x arm patch, we can consider it as part
of a possible 4.6.1.

There is also a newlib release planned so that needs to be
considered as well.

> Ralf

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