RTC bsp trouble.

Cedric Aubert cedric_aubert at yahoo.fr
Fri Jan 30 12:53:18 UTC 2004

hi alls,

Thanks a lot for all people try to help me.

I have found my trouble, is not due to RTEMS or it's
usage in fact, it was
my compiling script (I made some script to compile
specific BSP for RTEMS)
that don't detect a compilation trouble.

In fact tod directory of my bsp wasn't compiling well
so non tod.rel was
realize and with "wildcard", it don't put it in the
librtemsbsp so my
application can't link with. :-)

That's works well now.

But during my research of my trouble, I have found
some difference
between some Makefile.

I found some with target "all" and some with target

What is the difference ? (I am not a guru in Makefile

Try both, and look to work with the both.

Thanks a lot


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