Memory usage

Etienne Fortin etienne.fortin at
Wed Jul 21 21:30:08 UTC 2004

This question is asked a millions times, and I personnaly already asked
it in different fashions, but I'll ask it again.

I have an MCF5282. I don't want to use any external memory. I want to
use the following things:

1) About 8 drivers entry with control structures.
2) About 2-3 threads running at the same time, maximum.
4) 2-3 Timers max.
5) Console
6) A filesystem for an external Flash memory.
7) All other necessary or nice, and not memory expensive, stuff.

What workspace size will comes out of this? Just a figure...

On the MCF5282, I have 64KB of SRAM. 
- I have 1024 bytes for the vector table, this gives 63 KB.
- There's about 10 KB for .data and .bss, a quick guess. We have 53 KB. 
- I need basically about 32 KB for the heap, this gives 21 KB for the

Is it enough???? It HAS to be enough!!! If not, where is the biggest
memory overhead in what I want?

Etienne Fortin

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