HELP: Initializing Partition Table (?)

Joe OS joe_os2001 at
Mon Jul 26 10:09:39 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I am trying to access my hard disk and floppy using
rtems. I am using the fsmount source code of
Thomas.Doerfler at

First thing I am trying is to initialize partition
(should be partition table initialization executed
after mount operation??? I am trying it before!)  

I am using rtems 4.6 in a linux mandrake box in a i386

The source code I have is the following:

   rc = rtems_ide_part_table_initialize("/dev/hda");

I can see it failling in the for cicle of the
rtems_ide_part_table_initialize() function in the
ide_part_table.c file. It fails when it try to get the
partition table! The source of the failure is in the
stat() function which doesnt find the hda!

If I list all existing directories in the /dev I see
this hierarchie:


Where is the hda???
Should I try to initialize partition table for
/dev/hda or should I initialize partition table for
/dev/ide ? 
Why hda doesnt exists?

If I try to initialize partition table for /dev/ide it
works well but it raises an exception 13 at the end
and freezes...

What I am doing wrong?
Any help?

Is there any readme or tutorial or how-to explaining
How to mount msdos file system in RTEMS?

Many thanks,

(rtems beginner)

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