help:"Unrecognized host system name i1586-pc-cygwin32"

Ralf Corsepius ralf_corsepius at
Tue Jul 6 09:01:48 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-07-06 at 10:20, 李洪超 wrote:
> hello:
> when I executing the configure script in cygwin shell
>      ". ./configure --target=powerpc-rtems",
Where does the leading dot come from? This should have been something
similar to this
./configure --target=powerpc-rtems [...]

> I get the following output::
> Configuring for a i1586-pc-cygwin32 host.
> ../binutils- [: /cygdrive/d/project/local: binary operator
Is there a particular reason for trying binutils-

binutils-2.9 is ancient. The latest official binutils version for
rtems-4.6 is binutils-2.13, the latest FSF version is binutils-2.15.

Furthermore, where ever you downloaded this binutils- from, it
is not a version supported by

> expected
> Invalid configuration `i1586-pc-cygwin32': machine `i1586-pc' not recognized
> Invalid configuration `i1586-pc-cygwin32': machine `i1586-pc' not recognized
> Unrecognized host system name i1586-pc-cygwin32.
i386-pc-cygwin or i586-pc-cygwin would have been correct.

I'd guess it's a side-effect of you trying to build an ancient version
of binutils.

> Is there a fix for this?
Try the binary packages from


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