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Angelo Fraietta afraiett at bigpond.net.au
Fri Jul 9 02:30:59 UTC 2004

Ian Caddy wrote:

> Hi,
> The if_stats and mbuf_stats can be called at anytime and will print out 
> the statistics to your default console, I assume you have one of these.
> Depending on how quickly you get this no buffers error, I would setup a 
> test task (or use one that is already in a loop) that called these 
> functions every x seconds (minutes, depending on time between errors). 
> You could then see how your buffers were progressing.
Of course it won't fail now, but thanks.
I found that I had to place extern "C" around the #incude rtems_bsdnet.h
to make it compile. No big deal though.

> Once you get the no buffers error, it is too late to see as you know you 
> have none left.
I detected that the sendto failed and stored the value and sent later.


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