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Steve Holle sholle at link-comm.com
Tue Jun 1 21:00:59 UTC 2004

We are running RTEMS 4.6.0pre5 and are trying a different tack with our 
file download exercise.  We would like to use the file download feature 
that the GoAhead web server V2.1.4 was patched to allow.  It appears that 
the version of RTEMS we are using uses V2.1.3 of the GoAhead server.  We 
would like to port or patch or whatever a version of the GoAhead server of 
V2.1.5 or later to our current build of RTEMS to minimize changes.

Is this advisable?
What is the easiest way to accomplish this?
Has anyone already done this?

Thanks for your help.

Steve Holle
Link Communications, Inc.
1035 Cerise Rd.
Billings, MT  59101
sholle at link-comm.com  

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