rpms again

D. Peter Siddons siddons at bnl.gov
Wed Jun 16 20:42:14 UTC 2004

Sorry all, but I'm still unable to open the rpm tool packages from the 
website. I did the following:

I downloaded the package files plus the gpg-pubkey-EAC29B6F file.
I did:
# rpm --import gpg-pubkey-EAC29B6F
# rpm --checksig rtems-4.6-m68k-rtems-binutils-
and got:
rtems-4.6-m68k-rtems-binutils- MD5 GPG NOT OK

# rpm -i rtems-4.6-m68k-rtems-binutils-
error: rtems-4.6-m68k-rtems-binutils- V3 DSA 
signature: BAD, key ID eac29b6f
error: rtems-4.6-m68k-rtems-binutils- cannot be installed

What am I doing wrong? This is on Redhat EL. I'm new to redhat. It's 
very tempting to go back to Debian!


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