_Heap_Size_of_user_area question

Thomas Rauscher trauscher at loytec.com
Fri Jun 4 14:48:31 UTC 2004

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> From: Sergei Organov [mailto:osv at topconrd.ru] 
> Sent: Friday, June 04, 2004 4:28 PM
> To: Joel Sherrill
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> Subject: Re: _Heap_Size_of_user_area question
> Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com> writes:
> > If someone could provide some postive feedback on this,
> > it would be time to merge it into the development tree.
> Well, I'm using it myself all the time since then and haven't
> encountered any problems, so my feedback is positive. It obviously
> doesn't mean everything is OK with the patch, but I doubt 
> more feedback
> could appear until it's merged into the development tree.
> If somebody is willing to review the patch before merge, I'd be
> thankful and willing to answer questions should they appear.
> > Honestly, this got ignored in trying to finalize the
> > 4.6 release series and just hasn't been remembered
> > since the development tree reopened.  Sorry.
> No problems, I've expected something like that. If the patch 
> is somehow
> missed please let me know, -- I'll send it again.
> Sergei.


I'd like to see the patch, unfortunately the GNATS web interface
(or at least the link on the RTEMS homepage) is still not working.

Maybe someone can forward the patch to me.


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