gdb patches on FreeBSD 4.9 stable

Peter Dufault dufault at
Fri Mar 12 16:21:43 UTC 2004

Two files added to gdb (hw_shm.c and hw_sem.c)  for the powerpc 
simulation won't compile on FreeBSD.

FreeBSD-stable expects and documents that sys/types.h must be included 
before sys/ipc.h.

That is wrong per the single unix spec, which says that including 
sys/shm.h defines those items from both sys/ipc.h and sys/types.h.

The best solution is to just include sys/shm.h and force all operating 
systems to adhere to the spec, but unfortunately that won't work on 
FreeBSD-stable either.

Since RTEMS is already redundantly including sys/ipc.h above sys/shm.h, 
can it also redundantly include sys/types.h above both?  That's the 
local patch I made to get it to compile and run, and it shouldn't break 
any conformant platforms.

I don't know if this is fixed in the FreeBSD 5 branch.


Peter Dufault
HD Associates, Inc.

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