RTEMS: Counting time, again... (help)

Alex kbyte at iol.pt
Fri Mar 26 10:56:47 UTC 2004


I know that will be some users that will say to me that this doubt is already explain in the mailling list, but before sent this mail I search in the mailling list and I saw nothings...

Weel, I need to measure time in microseconds (or nanoseconds, this will be great). Using the posix calls the maximum resolution I get is 20 milliseconds. That doesnt feet my needs... :-(

So, I thinking to use an osciloscope or some device like that to measure those times.
Another idea is to access the hardware ticks.

Which is the best way to measure those times? External counter device or access hardware ticker?

Is there any free source code to access the hardware ticks?

Thanks in advance...

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