gettimeofday() updates once in 10 milliseconds? Help Please

sashti srinivasan svasn_rtems at
Fri Mar 5 13:30:22 UTC 2004


     Now I observed more closely.  On pc386 bsp,
gettimeofday() updates only once in 10 milliseconds. 
I need time measurements in microseconds.  Please tell
me whether it is possible to make it update every
     Thanks for hinting me that gettimeofday()
returning constant value is not expected in pc386 bsp.
 I was indeed not correct.  I posted that
gettimeofday() returns constant value because I got
all the time intervals I calculated were zero.  But
this happened because the value of the field tv_usec
(in the timeval structure) jumps in steps of 10
milliseconds.  Please tell me how to improve the
resolution such that it updates every microsecond.
     Or tell me how I can measure time with
microseconds accuracy.  On posix bsp, this
gettimeofday function give microsecond accuracy.
     I have already posted another problem.  I am
sorry to repeat it here.  WHILE USING THE FUNCTIONS
PC386 BSP reporting the error "RAW HANDLER CONNEXION
FAILED".  If I can get away with this error, most of
my problems will be solved.
     Please help in getting my problems solved.

With Regards

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