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James Yates j.yates at
Wed Mar 10 12:35:00 UTC 2004

Port I have done is for a custom board based around an SH2 7145f cpu. I
am still in the process of testing what I have so far, but I can build a
very basic application with 3 tasks, plus main, each task simply
flashing an LED but using a semaphore to block each task. I also have
the serial driver implemented so that all 4 on-board UARTs can be used.
I do however have problems with getting the console to work, although I
think this is just a misunderstanding on my part.

   I haven't done any major work on this, it is simply based on the
SH7045 although I have made some changes. At the moment I have rtems
applications running via serial connected gdb through a standard GDB
stub on the board that was based on the gdb_stubs project.

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James Yates wrote:

>That would be great. Although I have attempted a cpu and bsp port for
>rtems, I am still a relative newbie, so any help is very much

What CPU?  Is it a new family?

>	Many thanks in advance.
>		James Yates
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>James Yates wrote:
>>Can anyone also point me in the direction of some
>>more information on using the CS8900 driver located in libchip.
>I have an updated libchip driver for the CS8900 with a new readme that
>hope helps. It provides the missing doco I think you are looking for.
>I have cleaned up some driver issues when getting support for DIMMPC 
>(pc386) working and so may break some existing users of the driver. The

>changes are worth making.
>Joel, is it ok if I commit the changes to head ?

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