I'm having trouble installing RTEMS on my build-host

Ralf Corsepius corsepiu at faw.uni-ulm.de
Tue Mar 16 02:36:03 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-03-16 at 02:49, kmedri kmedri wrote:
> >export PATH=/opt/rtems/bin:$PATH.
> Yes, I use: "PATH=/opt/rtems-4.6/bin:$PATH"
The error you see is the result of the configure script not having found
an appropriate "ar" for your target.

The cause seems to be you not having correctly having passed your
target's name to the configure script. From your initial mail:
> ../rtems-4.6.0/configure 
> --target=m68k --disable-posix --disable-networking
This should have been --target=m68k-rtems

[The value passed to --target must match the "target-prefix" being used
for the target toolchain. The standard RTEMS-4.6 m68k toolchain uses
"m68k-rtems" and not "m68k".]

> >Next, you can run command bootstrap in your rtems source directory. All
> >builds should be run in build directory.
> >From my build directory I ran: "../rtems-4.6.0/bootstrap".
Bootstrap regenerates the auto*tool generated files. The tarball is
shipped with prebuilt auto*tool generated files, so there is not any
reason to run it.

Cf. http://www.rtems.org/onlinedocs/releases/rtemsdocs-4.6.0/share/rtems/html/FAQ/FAQ00049.html

>  I should have 
> added " -v" but it seems to have completed successfully. I hope I got that 
> right, "make all install" still results in the error I first posted.
No surprize, bootstrap has nothing to do with your problem.

> P.S. To check to see if things are miraculously working in the background:

> [root at localhost hello_world_c]# make
> Makefile:33: /Makefile.inc: No such file or directory
> Makefile:35: no file name for `include'
> Makefile:36: /make/leaf.cfg: No such file or directory
> make: *** No rule to make target `/make/leaf.cfg'.  Stop.

Cf. http://www.rtems.org/onlinedocs/releases/rtemsdocs-4.6.0/share/rtems/html/started/started00060.html


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