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Tue Mar 16 05:21:16 UTC 2004


sebastian ssmoller wrote:


> how do vectored interrupts work ? for example: the vbr points to 0x10000
> and i want to use vector 0x46 so i write 0x46 to the intvec of the
> controller, right ? what is going on when the controller generates (or
> wants to do so) an interrupt ? how to exactly find the correct handler ?
> if there is a good document/book/paper/article/faq about that stuff,
> could anyone point me to it, please ?

For information on how vectored interrupts work, you will need to look 
at the appropriate processor's datasheet / User Manual.  I do not know 
if you are using a 68360 or a 68040 but the User Manual for either of 
these processors will detail vectored interrupts under a section called 
Exception Processing.

Firstly you should ask yourself whether your hardware is setup to 
support vectored interrupts as the peripheral (or EPLD logic) needs to 
understand how to create a vectored interrupt into the 68K architecture. 
  Just because the device supports vectored interrupts and the processor 
supports vectored interrupts doesn't mean that your actual hardware is 
setup for vectored interrupts.

You will also need to check your hardware documentation to see how the 
hardware has been configured.  I assume from your questions, you don't 
have a hardware resource for support, which is going to possibly be a 
problem if you don't understand how to get the interrupts working.

Ian Caddy

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