Steve Holle sholle at
Wed May 26 14:15:21 UTC 2004

At 04:19 PM 5/25/2004, Till Straumann wrote:
>Steve Holle wrote:
>>We are using V4.6pre5 for some time.  We added some new code to our app, 
>>no mods to RTEMS, and everything compiles fine but the new app won't 
>>run.  We wind up in :
>>_Internal_error_Occured with the Internal_errors_what_happened contents 
>>as follows :
>>     the_source = INTERNAL_ERROR_RTEMS_API
>>     is_internal = 0
>>     the_error = 0x48454150 (1212498256d)
>>I have searched the source and can't find the error number.  I am also 
>>unable to find the error number in the docs.  Any idea?
>the_error looks like ASCII to me. Let's see. Indeed, if you decipher
>0x48454150 -> 'HEAP'. However, from quick grepsurfing it is not obvious
>to me how this value can end up there. Sure you have no
>   rtems_fatal_error_occurred(rtems_build_name('H','E','A','P'))
>in your application or BSP?
>Maybe your code additions let you run out of memory...
>-- Till

The error turned out to be that we were running out of RAM because we had 
the _RamSize variable set to it's default, which I believe is 7M and we 
actually have much more.  Apparently,  The ram used by the rest of the 
application grew enough that the size we had set the _HeapSize variable to 
exceeded the remaining ram, hence the error.

Thanks for the hint on interpreting the error as ASCII.

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