Putting debug info in rtems files

Smith, Gene gene.smith at siemens.com
Fri Oct 8 21:27:25 UTC 2004

I want debug info in my rtems files. When I configure with 
--enable-rtems-debug all the gcc calls during make have the flags "-g 
-g" (-g twice!). And there is still no debug info in the final result 
according to objdump -g. This applies also to the hello world example 
app as well as the kernel files. The final result is not being stripped 
and I can see c source lines in the test.exe file with objdump -Sx. 
Possibly gcc needs the flag -gstabs for useful debug info to appear in 
the final object?

The gdb manual talks about having source file paths in your executable 
as part of the debug info. How is this accomplished in the the rtems build?


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