Extracting Dosfs

Daniel Gustafsson daniel.gustafsson at space.se
Thu Oct 14 10:18:20 UTC 2004


I am interested in extracting Dosfs in Rtems 4.6.1 to a separate module that
shall work stand-alone with a commandpromt. The module should use a block
based ram driver like a simulated disk. Before I start I would like to ask
if somebody has done the same thing or knows any good approaches? The main
questions I would like to have an answer to is the following:

1. What does the file structure of dosfs look like? Which files are
necessary for a stand-alone module? Which files are connected to the
different layers (driver, upper interface etc.) of the file system?

2. Where should I start? Any tips is greatly accepted?

3. Can somebody tell me about any constraints or limitations of the fs (max
partition size etc.)?

4. Does anyone know the footprint of dosfs in RAM during runtime?

Best Regards
Daniel Gustavsson

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