Extracting Dosfs

Victor V. Vengerov Victor.Vengerov at oktetlabs.ru
Thu Oct 14 13:36:48 UTC 2004


Have in mind that libblock depends on some RTEMS synchnorisation 
mechanisms, and run the thread writing blocks to the disk. Also, ms-dos 
file system and libblock has been designed with mulithreading in mind, 
which may be overhead for you. More free open-source MS-DOS 
implementations are exists (I remember freedos name, although I'm not 
sure) - may be it is better appropriate for you.

I don't know what are you going to implement, but it will be 
definitievly simpler to link your application with RTEMS, considering it 
as a library providing some services, particularly DOS file system. 
Nothing prevent you to implement single-threaded application in RTEMS - 
just run it as a initialisation task.

Daniel Gustafsson wrote:

>I am interested in extracting Dosfs in Rtems 4.6.1 to a separate module that
>shall work stand-alone with a commandpromt. The module should use a block
>based ram driver like a simulated disk. Before I start I would like to ask
>if somebody has done the same thing or knows any good approaches? The main
>questions I would like to have an answer to is the following:
>1. What does the file structure of dosfs look like? Which files are
>necessary for a stand-alone module? Which files are connected to the
>different layers (driver, upper interface etc.) of the file system?
>2. Where should I start? Any tips is greatly accepted?
>3. Can somebody tell me about any constraints or limitations of the fs (max
>partition size etc.)?
>4. Does anyone know the footprint of dosfs in RAM during runtime?
>Best Regards
>Daniel Gustavsson

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