Command line arguments

Ed Sutter esutter at
Thu Oct 14 21:07:16 UTC 2004

> If there is a generic way to get the arguments to a user "main",
> it might be nice to distribute it with RTEMS.
> Ed.. would it make sense to have an RTEMS helper library that is
> separate from either Micromonitor or RTEMS?  You know you are using both
> so you can build your TFS code, some helper code for getting arguments
> to a main, etc?

I guess it depends on how MicroMonitor is to be used in the RTEMS BSP.
If it is going to help debug the BSP, then the monConnect() call needs to
be somewhere early in the startup (i.e. bootcard()).  That being the
case, I think it would have to be part of the tree.  This would make probably
only make sense for BSPs that start off with MicroMonitor as the boot loader.

On the other hand, if it's only used after RTEMS is up and has turned
over control to user tasks, then the monConnect() call can go in anywhere
and an external library would work fine in that case.

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