Command line arguments

Ed Sutter esutter at
Fri Oct 15 12:15:48 UTC 2004

> > >If there is a generic way to get the arguments to a user "main",
> > >it might be nice to distribute it with RTEMS.
> >
> > I have code to do this but it is in my separate Coldfire BSP.
> >
> > If someone wishes to include it let me know and I will dig it out and
> > clean it up. It creates argc/argv and uses main as the application entry
> > point. That is:
> >
> >   boot_card -> rtems_premain -> main
> >              *
> >
> > * rtems_premain is the Init task so rtems_premain and main is running as
> > a task.
> Oh, that sound nice. I would highly appreciate it if you would dig out
> the code. If would be nice to a generic (boot loader independent) way
> of doing this.

Chris & Lars,
Ok, well, once again I'm confused...
Are we talking about the same command line arguments?

At the time the rtems application is started up, the boot loader
is the actively running program on the system; hence, it must
take in the command line arguments and put them somewhere for
the rtems application to retrieve.

How can this be done in a boot-loader-independent way?

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