_CPU_Fatal_halt does not "halt" on Cyrix MediaGX MMX-S CPU(pc586 BSP)

Valery Pykhtin pykhtin at prosoft.ural.ru
Mon Oct 18 09:33:37 UTC 2004

> Now, IMO, it actually is a question of what you expect "halting the CPU"
> to do. Some BSPs/users/applications will expect a "reset/reboot on fatal
> error", some will expect "busy waiting until reset-button pressed",
> others will expect program execution flow to "enter a monitor".
> So, in general, I'd expect a "_CPU_Fatal_error" to return to whatever
> started the RTEMS executable (startup code, monitor, gdb-stub or
> similar) and "busy-waiting etc." to be handled there.
> To put it differently: IMO, the currently implementation is questionable
> and so is your proposal.
> Ralf

>From the previous implementation I would expect that _CPU_Fatal_halt just 
stops the processor.
At least a board with i386 processor does so :).

My proposal does the same - there no busy waiting as you can imagine from 
while(1) - this is just the way to force the processor to halt. As I've 
tested this - the cycle terminates quite soon. Here can be some processor's 
specific, I don't know.

The worse thing is that I've missed _Internal_error_Occurred (which uses 
_CPU_Fatal_halt) and spend a lot of time to find it out.


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